Hartland Robotics uses the FIRST LEGO League Challenge program for the upper elementary school level of competition.  FIRST LEGO League Challenge teams form in the summer and compete September - December.

Core Values

Students focus on the FIRST Core Values in FIRST LEGO League - Discovery, Impact, Innovation, Inclusion, Teamwork and Fun!  Students are expected to understand and display core values in competitions and practices.

Innovation Project

Each year students are challenged to solve a real-world problem.  Coaches and mentors work with students to teach them how to research and properly credit their sources.  Teams with outstanding projects have the opportunity to compete in the FIRST Global Innovation Awards.

Robot Design & Game

Each season there is a new game board where teams can earn points by solving various missions.  Teams evaluate different base LEGO robot models and build attachments to solve missions and share their design process with judges.

Our Teams!

Team information coming soon!